Social and Personality Psychology

Research in the area of social and personality psychology focuses on theory-based empirical work that addresses a variety of important social issues across the life span. Our faculty have research interests covering a broad range of topics including investigations of social cognition and decision-making; effects of emotions on reasoning and memory; subjective well-being; self and identity across cultures; control behavior; personality resilience; interpersonal relations; adaptation to stressful life events; risk perception; and psychology and law.


Campos, Belinda Culture, relationships, positive emotion, health

Ditto, Peter Social cognition, motivated judgment and decision-making process, social psychology

Heckhausen, Jutta Life-span developmental psychology, motivation and developmental regulation in children, adolescents, and adults, control and health, cultural universals and differences in achievement behavior

Jamner, Larry Health psychology, psychophysiology, biopsychosocial factors related to tobacco use in youth

Levine, Linda Bias in predicted and remembered emotional experience; effects of emotions on memory and decision making; emotion regulation in adults and children

Loftus, Elizabeth Human memory, psychology and the law, 'how facts', ideas, suggestions and other forms of post-event information can modify our memories

Piff, Paul Social hierarchy, privilege, power, social emotion, prosocial behavior and cooperation, morality and ethics, uncertainty, groups, field experiments

Pressman, Sarah Health psychology, positive emotions, stress physiology, psychosocial effects on physiology and health

Rook, Karen Gerontology, social psychology, health psychology, social support and social networks

Shariff, Azim Social Psychology, Morality, Religion, Evolutionary Psychology

Scurich, Nicholas Psychology and law, judgment and decision making, violence risk assessment

Silver, Roxane Cohen Coping with stressful life events (e.g., personal traumas, natural disasters, terrorism)

Zinger, Joanne Expressive writing, meta-analysis, positive psychology, health psychology, preventive medicine, educational psychology