Student spotlight: Alisa Reich

Degree: Masters in Legal and Forensic Psychology

Expected graduation: June 2018

Hometown: Moorpark, CA

Why did you choose the School of Social Ecology?

Many departments that fall under the School of Social Ecology are highly-ranked and considered to be among the best in their respective fields. I wanted to surround myself with faculty and students who are passionate about what they study. I chose the School of Social Ecology because of their innovative approaches, their dedication, and their collaboration to accomplish their goals.

How did you grow interested in your current field of study?

After earning my B.A. in Criminology, Law & Society (C.L.S.), I knew I wanted to continue my studies in this field. When I discovered there was a program that integrated C.L.S. with Psychology and Social Behavior, I was hooked. I am determined to seek new ways to develop the community, especially those at risk, and understand the effect that legal processes can have on the community at large.  

What has been your most memorable or significant experience so far at UCI?

My most significant experience, so far, was my first week of the MLFP program. I was amazed by the group of students in my cohort and how each of us had different passions, yet we were sitting in the room for the same reasons. I remember the excitement I felt (mixed with nerves), as I began the next step in furthering my education.

How do you envision your degree from UCI opening doors for you or benefitting your career?

After one year into the program, UCI has already opened up doors for me through the connections I have made with both students and faculty. Aside from fostering professional connections, I’m confident this program will enhance my ability to think dynamically and help me further succeed in my career.