Research Opportunities

Research is an opportunity for students to get hands-on experience working with professors or graduate students in the Department of Psychological Science. Although research is not required, many students find it beneficial because it allows them to apply concepts learned in the classroom. It provides them with the opportunity to work with professors who are well known experts in their fields of study, and can be an excellent avenue for requesting letters of recommendation to graduate school and other professional career tracks. Students in the past have used their research experience to develop their own research projects (ie. Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program - UROP) and some students have co-authored works with their research professors.

Research Responsibilities

Some of the tasks that students perform include: library research, interviewing subjects, data processing, coding data, subject recruitment, and lab research. Duties vary depending upon the demands of the research project.

Some ways students may receive credit for their research involvement: 

1. SocEcol 198 (Directed Study) - Students can receive 2-4 units, P/NP
2. SocEcol 199 (Independent Study) - Students can receive 2-4 graded units
3. PsyBeh P196 (Research Seminar In PSB) - Students can receive 4 graded units
4. SocEcol H190ABW (Honors Research) - Students can receive 4 graded units

  • Individual requirements for 198/199's vary according to the needs of the research study.

How to Apply

One way to get involved in research with graduate students and sponsoring PS Faculty is to approach them. Be prepared to talk about your coursework and interests and be sure to ask about their current research. Most students approach professors in courses they have enjoyed and done well in. The best time for students to approach professors and graduate students is during their office hours and after class. Email also works well. See the faculty's Research Opportunities webpage for any currently available positions but do not be afraid to approach or contact them directly even if they may not have any available positions.

You can learn more about each professor's particular area(s) of expertise and interest by reading about them in the research areas (see below). This can help you to find professors who have research interests similar to your own. This information is also located on the faculty web page under PS Faculty and Research webpage located here. Don't be afraid to approach your professors! Remember an important component of any graduate program application is strong letters of recommendation based upon your research and academic abilities.

Research Areas

By clicking on the research areas below, you will be sent to a webpage that will summarize the area and the faculty that fall under that area. Under each faculty name you will see their areas of interest. By clicking on the faculty name, you will go directly to the faculty webpage where you will see a link on their faculty page called Web Links of Research Sites. Under that listing you will see a "Research Opportunities" link. Click on the link to find what positions are currently available and follow the instructions on the listing to apply. If no positions are available, you can still inquire directly with the faculty member.

Social Ecology Excellence in Research Distinction

For more information on the Social Ecology Excellence in Research Distinction CLICK HERE