Recent Ph.D. Recipients

Doctor Judith Andersen
The Role of Psychological State and Biological Context on Neuroendocrine Stress Response Regulation: A Study of Women of Child Bearing Age

Doctor Marnie Brow
The Role of Personality Following the September 11th Terrorist Attacks: Big Five Trait Combinations and Interactions in Explaining Distress and Coping

Doctor Nathalie Carrick
Fairies are Real but Witches aren't: Children's Evaluations of Emotional Fantasy

Doctor Esther Chang
Shared Agency between Older Youth and Parents: Ethnic Differences and Similarities

Doctor Jennifer Eno-Louden
Effect of Stigma of Mental Disorder and Substance Abuse on Probation Officers' Case Management Decisions

Doctor Gary Germo
Early Adversity and Current Stressors on Adolescents' and Young Adults' Morning Cortisol Levels: The Moderating Role of Attachment Style

Doctor Meret Keller
A Contextual Approach to Understanding the Relations between Family Sleep Arrangements and Young Children's Socio-Emotional Well-Being

Doctor Pamela King
Understanding Adolescents' Motivation for Physical Activity: Utility of the Self-Determination Theory

Doctor Heather Lench
The Relation of Approach Avoidance Goals to Persistence, Affective Judgments and Health

Doctor Lindsay Malloy
Maltreated and Nonmaltreated Children's Evaluations of disclosing an Adult's Wrongdoing

Doctor Jennifer Piazza
Living with Chronic Health Conditions and Functional Disability: Age Differences in Affective Well-Being

Doctor Huy Vu
Acculturation, Intergenerational Conflict and Support, and Psychological Well-Being

Doctor Allison Wallin
The Influence of Parent-Child Attachment on Children's Stress Responses

Doctor Thomas Wicke
Community Response to Trauma: An Ecological Analysis of How Community is Affected by Social Disaster in Laramie, Wyoming and Jasper, Texas