Doctoral Student Lands NSF Fellowship

  • Kallie Brown

As a newly named National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, Kallie Brown is studying the link between positive identity and well-being of Afro-Latinos.

Research shows that having a positive identity correlates to better academic achievement, better mental health and overall well-being, and Brown’s goal is to find out how positive identity is developed.

“I want to eventually help create interventions to help teens, adolescents and young adults, especially from marginalized communities, build up their positive racial identity so they’ll have better outcomes in life,” Brown said. “Currently, I am conducting research to analyze if a positive identity is a potential buffer against discrimination’s adverse effects on stress for Afro-Latinos.”

Brown, who has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Howard University, is pursuing her Ph.D. in psychological science. Upon completion in 2023, her plan is to join academia. 

“My goal is to conduct research that will influence policy on educational and health procedures that promote a culturally inclusive environment for marginalized individuals and those with intersectional identities,” she said.

As part of her fellowship, Brown is receiving, among other perks, $46,000 annually to complete her doctoral degree.